April 3, 2024

CAJE Research

Both Research Committees, Affordable Housing and Early Childhood Reading, have been busy.
We are grateful for their time and commitment to research.

This research provides the spotlight on the two focused issues that are facing our community today.

Here are some facts they have learned.

Affordable Housing

Evansville lacks clean, safe, energy efficient, affordable housing.

  • 15,568 of our neighbors pay more than 30% of their monthly income just on housing (rent & utilities)
  • 7,401 of our neighbors pay more than 50% of their monthly income just on housing (rent & utilities)
  • Affordable housing availability currently stands at 98.8% occupied
  • Most Common Housing Problems
    Affordability * Substandard Living Conditions * Availability

2023 Aurora Homeless Count: 500+. This is a 145+ INCREASE from the previous year
Advocating for an ordinance that would create permanent funding for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Early Childhood Reading

67% of the 3rd graders in EVSC are not reading proficiently

  • Only 33% of local 3rd graders are proficient in reading comprehension.
  • Curriculum used for decades adapted what is called “cueing” which removed phonics from reading.
  • Large amounts of organized money at the Federal Level lobbied to push the cueing method of teaching reading.
  • Reading scores nationwide have plummeted over the past 2 decades
  • There is a scientifically proven and accepted method of teaching children to read called the Science of Reading.
  • Local teachers are not being provided adequate professional development training or the tools they need to help our students succeed.
  • December 2023 Indiana passed a law requiring all public schools in the state of Indiana to adopt the Science of Reading as their curriculum.


  • Commitment from EVSC Administrators to adopt the Science of Reading.
  • Commitment from EVSC Administration to provide our teachers with all of the professional development and tools they need to fully implement Science of Reading.