Disciples on a Journey Together

April 3, 2024

Disciples - Easter Message

Easter Message from Sharon

In the homilies on Easter Sunday, we heard the following…

from Fr. Tom, “I believe that we shouldn’t simply wish each other a Happy Easter, we should wish each other a Happy Easter living.”  And, from Fr. Steve, “The word of God today calls us to witness.  So, we need your witness to the resurrection of life.” 

As we look to the Easter season, what does it mean for us to be Happy Easter living and be a witness to the resurrection of life? 

When I reflect on this, my challenge is how do I put the everyday into the hands of God and allow God to work through me?  As I think of these two homily quotes, it seems that living an Easter life means that people see Easter and God at work in me.  The “living” and the “witness” are words of action and can be seen. 

May we continue to be witnesses of the resurrection…Happy Easter living!

~ Sharon