Disciples on a Journey – News from Sharon

June 19, 2024

It has been good seeing everyone at Masses the past couple of weeks. We continue to have new people join us for Mass. I know it is not easy for some of us, but please take time to talk with people you don’t know. Continue to welcome them to All Saints and our parish family.

Congratulations to Fr. Steve and Sr. Darlene as they celebrate 50 years of service in their chosen vocations! Thank you for being part of the life of All Saints Parish!

Vacation Bible School was this past week. Thanks to all of the helpers and little people who were part of VBS. Thanks to Kristi Wagner for taking on VBS coordinating and planning with Jenny Mayer from St. Boniface. It was the first time in 23 years that I have not been part of the planning of VBS. Many of you know how absolutely grateful I am for this break! VBS is one of the best ministries for and with the little people!

A special Thank You to Laura Ackerman for her service on the Parish Council! Laura served two, three-year terms. Thank you, Laura, for your dedication and service! You truly have the needs of All Saints parish at heart! The discernment of you, All Saints Parish, has brought the following individuals to the Parish Council… Nick Seib and John Shea will begin their first terms, Kathy Reitz, Jim Schulz and Melissa Engler will begin their second (final) term. These five members join our current members…Don Kuhr, Kelly Snyder, Bartell Berg, LeeAnn Rasche, Vince Wagner, Anna Tucker, Charlie Muller, and Jose Ramirez. Thank you to the other members of the parish who were part of the final discernment process. Without your interest, dedication and desire to serve, our Parish Council could not be as well rounded as it is.

A little late, but thank you to the wonderful, anonymous volunteer who cut down and hauled away the large limb that was torn loose from the tree in the convent west yard. Your gracious help and work are appreciated!

I know that not everyone is on our prayer chain or pray-ers list. We have several members of our parish family who are in need of prayers at this time…working hard to rehab from injuries and illnesses…learning to adjust to life as they age…job hunting…caregiving…waiting for test results. Thank you for including everyone in your prayers. If you are interested in joining either the pray-ers list or prayer chain, contact Machalle at the parish office. Share your prayer requests
~Sharon Vogler, Pastoral Life Coordinator