Eucharistic Reflections

September 15, 2022

As part of our participation in the Renewal, I will be sharing responses from members of the parish. I hope you will enjoy reading their thoughts, be encouraged by their thoughts, and be challenged to look at how you see and live the Eucharist as part of your life.

From a member of the parish…

1.  Why is it important to you to attend Mass? 
Mass is important to me so that my relationship with my Father, Jesus and the Spirit will grow stronger.  Mass is also important to me because I experience community with everyone there. We are together to support one another in living our Christian life.
2.  What does it mean to you to receive the Eucharist/Body of Christ?
In receiving Jesus Christ, He strengthens me for whatever He has planned for me to do during this coming week.
3. How does receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ help you, change you, challenge you? 
The Eucharist challenges my faith- believing Jesus Christ is truly present. And I am receiving Him. He is present and I need to bring His Presence to others this next week.
4.  How is your receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ reflected in your life, shared with your world? 
I hope with Christ’s love and Grace I will bring Him to any encounter to pass on His love, peace with compassion and authentic care and love.