Faith & Justice Workers News

March 27, 2024


Hello everyone!

So much has happened this past month. Two of the most notable things were our spring break mission trips and the laker catholic spring retreat. The mission trip was so beautiful for myself as well as all the students who came with us, we went to Denver, CO and served with a homeless ministry called Christ in the City. Here’s a testimony from one of the students, Ben, who came with:

“This trip seemed like something challenging and daunting at first; something to suffer through. At its conclusion, however, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. It felt like I was being ripped away from the most transformative and powerful experience of my life and being thrown back into “normal life”. I have never been closer to Jesus than when we were serving those out there on the streets of Denver and working with the missionaries of Christ in the City. To say my outlook has shifted is a gross understatement and it would be fair to say that this experience cemented itself as the main reason why I now wish to convert to Catholicism. It truly is a relationship, not just religion.”

-Ben Beliasov

Your support of this mission makes experiences like this possible for the students at Grand Valley!!  Through your support, us missionaries are able to be on campus full-time, invest in and grow genuine friendships with students through Bible Studies and discipleship groups, and invite these students to come with us on transformative experiences like mission trips. So thank you, you truly do play such an important part in this mission! 

My newsletter is attached below as well as a link to a video one of the students who also attended the mission trip put together! Enjoy!

Mission trip recap video link: