Sunday Gospel Warm-Up

September 21, 2023

CSR 12 30 Social

All are Loved Equally

Sept. 24 Mt 20:1-16

CSR 12 30 Social

On the world’s terms, labor must be rewarded fairly. Equal pay for equal work, but not all labor has the same value. Disregarding that rule will bring problems.

But God’s ways are not our ways. In today’s gospel, all the workers are paid equally regardless of when they started work in the day. We must understand this parable in the currency of love. Like a loving Father, all the children are loved equally. When one wanders away, that love doesn’t diminish. In fact, when one of the lost comes back into the family, there is much joy as another parable teaches us.

Being a part of the family of divine love, is its own reward. Whether you come late to the party or been there from the beginning, it doesn’t matter to God. As long as you make it. The challenge for us is can we offer our “lost and late” ones the same love and respect as our heavenly Fathers offers them.