Sunday Gospel Warm-up

December 21, 2023

God choose the lowly

God Among the Lowly

Luke 1:26-38

C135OT25 Psalms22 EN Sq 4c

It’s a quick turnaround to Christmas this year. This Sunday we celebrate the 4th Sunday of Advent in the morning and then Christmas in the evening. Mary’s response in the morning’s Gospel makes possible our celebration in the evening.

Both of these Gospels depict a new way that God is operating in our world. His starting place now is not with Kings and charismatic prophets, but rather, in Mary, God has chosen the poor and lowly.

In Jesus’ birth, God definitively favors to enter and engage in their lives. Both Mary and Christmas reveal that God is to be found in our brokenness and in the lives of the suffering. Look for Jesus and God there.