Disciples on a Journey Together

December 23, 2023

Our Christmas season has begun!

I pray everyone is finding some awe and joy in this blessed season.

For those of you who are electronically/digitally connected to All Saints, you’ve already noticed some of the changes this month. 

We have a refreshed All Saints Parish website!  You can still find us at https://allsaintsevansville.org/  

Thank you to the volunteer team of parish members who gave us input and feedback!  Thanks to Axiom for all of their work and help! Thanks to Amy for keeping the project going and now keeping it updated for all of us!

I think the website looks fantastic! 

We hope that it is also easier for everyone to navigate.  If you are like me, it will take me a little time to get accustomed to navigating the new site. 

You will also notice a refresh to our Parish App.  Amy works diligently to keep our App updated and useful for everyone.  Thanks Amy!

The new website now includes an updated section for our “Communion of All Saints Legacy Society.”

You can find this at https://allsaintsevansville.org/give/communion-of-all-saints-legacy-society/ 

Many of you are familiar with endowments and the benefits they leave for future generations. 

You will be receiving more information about our parish legacy society in the coming months.  Thank you to everyone who so generously gives to our endowments!  

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