Sunday Gospel Warm-Up

April 10, 2024

Be Present

Jesus’ Presence

Luke 24:35-48

In the post resurrection, where do we find Jesus? Fortunately, what the Gospel tells us this week, he come to us. As it was important to Thomas last week, Jesus’ wounds tell the story. It is the wounds that say He is the authentically human Jesus in the flesh. They also reveal how we will see Him.

Bearing His wounds, Jesus is saying I am with those who have been wounded by this world. Touch those people with love and You will see that I am present there.

Change the way you think about them (repent), and this will give you better clarity about how I am present in this world. If you have been wounded by others, in offering forgiveness there my presence will also be felt. Fortunately, the poor and wounded will always come to us and, in loving them, we will find Christ.