The Day After

April 16, 2022

Can you imagine what it was like for Peter, Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene, and all of Jesus’ other close friends on the day after he died? It was the Sabbath, so they couldn’t do anything to keep busy. Was that a blessing or a curse? Like all observant Jews, their work for the Sabbath day was to rest and pray. How did they spend that time? Who was together, and who was alone? How did others relate to Peter, who must have been dying of shame? What were the other apostles thinking and feeling the day after they ran away from Jesus? How did they look after Mary, who had just seen her son killed?

Maybe you have the experience of living a “first day” after a loved one died. Maybe you understand the shock they were all going through. What helped you get through those first hours? Maybe you couldn’t see it then, but can you see now how God cared for you that day and the days after?

For Reflection: If you are grieving the death of a loved one, let yourself rest and pray. Don’t try to do any work on this holy Saturday. If you aren’t grieving today, can you offer your presence or a thoughtful gift today to someone else who might be struggling?

To Pray: Oh, Jesus, in times of grief, may we find others to share in our sadness. May we be for others a comforting presence when they grieve.