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St. Vincent de Paul News

October 27, 2023

During October, through your gifts, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul was able to show that we indeed love our neighbors by assisting 80 families, providing beds, furniture and clothing, and helping with utilities and rent.
Thank you for your generous donation!

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St. Vincent de Paul News

October 12, 2023

In today’s Gospel we hear Jesus say, “Many are invited, but few are chosen.”

To give thanks for all that God has given to you, have you considered answering the call to help serve the poor by joining the Society of St.

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St. Vincent de Paul News

October 9, 2023

Is there a neighbor or friend of yours who is in temporary need because of a loss of a job or an illness? Please leave a message for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul…we want to help!

Any parishioner interested in knowing more about our SVDP Conference is welcome to observe a meeting any Wednesday at 4:30pm in the Fr.

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St. Vincent de Paul News

September 20, 2023

A few weeks ago a mother called needing 3 twin beds for boys 6 and 8 and for a teenage daughter. We told her we could financially assist with only one twin bed, but shared with her about the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Program which is a National Organization of volunteers that build
beds in the home so that every child in America has a bed.

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All Saints St. Vincent de Paul is Recruiting

September 16, 2023

St. Vincent de Paul is a longstanding ministry at All Saints Parish.  These volunteers reach out to members of our community through one-on-one phone calls  and share our faith and our prayers.  We listen and to the best of our abilities offer assistance both financially and by sharing resources that our community has to offer. 

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St. Vincent de Paul News

September 13, 2023

The 8 members of All Saints St. Vincent de Paul Society had a very busy month of August with 120 requests for assistance.

Those living in our neighborhood accounted for 53 shut offs from Center Point and the
others were for clothing,

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St Vincent de Paul News

August 2, 2023

On May 31st, our balance was $14,939. During June and July we were able to help 110 of our neighbors with utilities, rent, appliances, furniture, clothing, and miscellaneous household items for a total of $11,269.
We received a gift of $1,000 from St.

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Story of St. Vincent de Paul

July 5, 2023

Our St. Vincent de Paul Chapter meets on Wednesday and are always looking for new members to join them in this ministry.

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St. Vincent de Paul News

March 4, 2023

February 2023 Update

Since January 2nd All Saints conference has received the following requests from our ‘neighbors’:
• 60 individuals needing help with electric
• 15 for water
• 7 for appliances
• 42 for clothing
• 13 for furniture and miscellaneous household items
• 19 needing beds.

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

October 18, 2022

Join us in giving to St. Vincent de Paul

The members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are sent in the name of all the parishioners to bring the good news to the poor in this area.

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Honor St Vincent de Paul

September 24, 2022

St. Vincent de Paul Feast day is February 27th!

Let’s Honor St Vincent de Paul with a gift to our All Saints Parish St. Vincent de Paul Chapter. Their funds are low and the needs of the poor in our community keep growing.

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